With Indian E-Commerce market growing every year, the industry players are paying big for the affiliate to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are an Indian and are into affiliate marketing, then there is no better time to promote e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and so on.

In this article, you will learn about the high paying E-Commerce Affiliate Programs for Indians and add a major income stream to achieve financial freedom. Often, Affiliate Marketing is confused with Referral Marketing though there is a thin line between both. I will cover some of the best referral programs in the coming articles.

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However, you should select those Affiliate Programs that are best suitable for you based on your niche and interests. Otherwise, you cannot make it big in Affiliate Marketing industry. For example, if you own a Fitness blog but you promote Home and Kitchen products instead of Sports and Fitness equipment, nobody is going to click on your affiliate links nor people will believe in your recommendations. It’s obvious, isn’t it? You want something, you go to an expert. So try to become an expert and establish authority in your niche through you blog.

Before we get to the list of E-Commerce Affiliate Programs, I recommend you to learn completely about Affiliate Marketing. Once you are equipped with a strong foundation in this field, it becomes easier to grow and expand your business in the coming days.

At this point, I assume that you have got enough knowledge about Affiliate Marketing with the above guide. So let’s get to the list of high paying E-Commerce Affiliate Programs for Indians.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the first and most successful affiliate programs in the market is Amazon Affiliate Program. I know many people who are making a living out of it alone, including myself.

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Over the past years, Amazon IN market share has grown tremendously. Part of the reason is it encourages it’s affiliates so much by giving a minimum 10% commission on every purchase unlike Amazon.com Affiliate Program which starts at 4%.

Some of the highlights of this program are:

  • Free to join (sign up link)
  • Minimum 10% commission
  • High conversion rate. Amazon is a pioneer in converting visitors to buyers
  • Three modes of payment : EFT, Check or Girft Card Balance
  • Site wide commissions, which means the visitor need not buy the same item that you referred. Anything bought on the entire site after clicking on your affiliate link for the next 24 hours, you get a commission
  • Trusted global brand, so your commissions are totally safe
  • Most customer centric company : No other e-commerce company comes close to Amazon in this aspect

With Amazon Affiliate Program, you can withdraw your commissions every month and for bank transfer (EFT) your commissions should be atleast Rs.1000/- INR.  Since this is a region based program, if you’re already an Amazon Affiliate for other regions like Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, then you can use either EasyAzon Pro 4 Plugin or BestAzon Plugin which localizes all your affiliate links and increase your commissions.

One of the prime reasons why this program works for you is, Amazon has almost everything that one has to buy- from kids to clothing to sports to monthly groceries. With all the above mentioned benefits this program has to offer, there is no reason not to sign up and earn money from it.

Sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program

2. Flipkart Affiliate Program

One of the biggest players in the Indian e-commerce market, Flipkart offers its servies only for Indians. Flipkart offers affilite program only for Indian residents and is free to sign up. You can earn upto 15% when someone clicks on your affiliate banner/link and makes a purchase on the Flipkart website.

Some of the higlights of this program are:

  • Free to Join (sign up link)
  • Trusted e-commerce brand among Indians
  • Affiliate Dashboard with detailed reports
  • High Affiliate Commissions
  • Huge and multi-category inventory which makes it suitable for almost any niche blog
  • Good customer support
  • Tracking and promotion tools

Unlike Amazon, Flipkart offers only two modes of payment:

  • EFT: Minimum amunt to withdraw – Rs.2,500/-
  • Gift Card/Voucher: Minimum amount to redeem -Rs.250/-

You can learn completely about this program from getting started and How to Earn Money from Flipkart Affiliate Program. Flipkat, being one of the top 10 most visited websites in India, I’m sure there is so much potential to make money from this program.

Sign up for Flipkart Affiliate Program today for free

3. Snapdeal Affiliate Program

Like other e-commerce gaints, Snapdeal also has an affiliate program as part of its business expansion plan. But unlike other players in the list, Snapdeal Affiliate Program is quite unique considering its commission structure which you can see below:

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Products: 20% to maximum of Rs 1250/-
  • Home and Kitchen: 20% to maximum of Rs 1250/-
  • Electronics and Gadgets: 10% to maximum of Rs 1250/-  
  • Digital and e Products: 20% to maximum of Rs 1250/-
  • Books: 20% to maximum of Rs 1250/-

As you can see, it has a very unique structure and based on that you can choose the category that is most appropriate for your blog.

Some of the highlights of this program are:

  • On time payments to affiliates
  • Free to join (sign up link)
  • Good customer care
  • Reputed brand among Indians
  • Unique commission struture
  • Tons of varieties of products to promote
  • 24-hour affiliate cookie window

Also, Snapdeal has only EFT as their payment mode. Before you sign up, make sure you have scanned copies of PAN Card and a cancelled check of your bank account to recieve payments. Since snapdeal sells products in almost every category including used items, it is easier to promote using banners/links on your website and an income source.

Sign up for Snapdeal Affiliate Program today for free

4. Infibeam Affiliate Program

If you’re planning to promote digital products like e-books on your website/blog, then Infibeam Affiliate Program is a really good choice. It offers attractive commissions to all its affiliates and Infibeam being one of the most trusted brands in India, your commissions are safe.

Some of the highlights of this program are:

  • Free to join (Sign up link)
  • Real time updates
  • Detailed tracking and reporting
  • High commissions for digital products

While Infibeam is one of the high paying e-commerce affiliate programs for Indians, it’s not so good for blogs in electronics and gadgets niche as the commission is only 1%. However, you can add this to any other existing programs and use it as an additional revenue stream.

Sign up for Infibeam Affiliate Program today for free

5. Jabong Affiliate Program

Jabong Partner Program is one of the most underrated affiliate programs in the market. The main reason is that it needs at least 50,000 impressions on your website per month. So it doesn’t cater to beginners needs and did not become much popular as others.

Some of the highlights of this program are:

  • Free to Register (sign up link)
  • High commissions
  • On-time payments
  • Detailed tracking and reporting
  • Good customer care

Website needs to be in relevant niche and free of porn content to be accepted into this program. Payments are processed on 6th of every month after all the returns and cancellations (if any) are processed. As a Jabong partner, youare eligible for upto 10% commission on each sale recorded through your link.

One of the main highlights of this program is that it offers 15 day cookie period which means high chances of earning income from this. If you fall into niche or looking to add an extra income stream, then this is the right affiliate program for you.

Sign up for Jabong Partner Program today for free

No matter how many affiliate programs you enroll in, if you do not provide value to your readers, you’re going to succeed in this field.

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While this is not an extensive of all the e-commerce affiliate programs, I tried to list only the ones with high ROI. I hope this list of e-commerce affiliate programs has been useful for you and help you in achieving financial freedom.

Did I miss out on any other affiliate program that you enrolled in or with which you have found success with? I’d love to hear from you. Please share your experiences in the comments below!

Good Luck!

If you need help or have any doubts, feel free to contact or message me directly. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions!

To your Financial Success,

Ravi Kumar G.