What is MoneyWolf all about?

Thank you for taking time and visitng the “About MoneyWolf Page”. MoneyWolf was created for you, the reader by me, Ravi Kumar G and to become an authority blog to help people achieve financial freedom and live the luxurious life of your dreams. This is not the place for scams and get-rich-quick schemes.

what is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom is the ability to do what you love without having to think about money. While it sounds so fancy and easy, achieving it is no simple task. Like everything in life, to achieve financial freedom, you’ve to work really hard and smart and this blog, MoneyWolf, will provide you all the information, resources and educate you to achieve it and live the luxurious life of your dreams.

Financial Freedom is a 3 step process:

  1. Earning Money : This is the first step in achieving your ultimate goal. Do you know an average millionaire has 7 streams of income? How many do you have? Start adding multiple income streams from now. There are many ways to earn money ethically (online and offline) and MoneyWolf is here to help you along your money making journey.
  2. Managing Money : This is the most important step which can speed up or delay your financial goals. The money you earn should be managed properly all the time and this blog is an endless resource of finding all the tools and resources required to manage your money efficiently.
  3. Spending Money : Last but no the least, the money you earn should be spent wisely. Spend your money on income generating assets instead of liabilities which you don’t need. Smart Spending is what gets you closer to the luxurious life of your dreams. Scan through this blog and you’ll find many resources, hacks and ways to spend your money wisely.

What do you get from MoneyWolf.org blog?

As you’ve seen above, Financial Freedom is a 3-step process and MoneyWolf helps you in eac of these, thereby staying with you throughout your money making journey. From this site, you’ll get tons of articles and information, e-books, experts insights on money making and management and so on all for FREE! One of the core principles of MoneyWolf is to help and educate others by providing others quality information and tools, and as the founder, I want to provide everything on this blog for FREE. This is the medium that I choose to give back to this world and make a positive impact.

A Major Initiative by MoneyWolf.org

As I already mentioned, you get everything on this blog for free, for life which in itself is a trendsetter in blogosphere. By free, I meant you don’t have to pay a single penny to us to access any of our high quality material. Apart from this, from 2016, at the end of every year, a non-profit organzation will be choosen by us and will be donated a part of the revenue that this blog earns through Affiliate Commissions, Advertising and so on. So every one who has ever made or will make any purchase through our affiliate links, has indirectly had a positive impact on our cause. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for helping us.

MoneyWolf.org Goals

When I started MoneyWolf blog, my goal was simple: Share all the information and resources that I learnt over the years wrt money making a with others. Sure there were and are so many other blogs focused on the same niche but as you know out of every 6 money making schemes that you find online, only 1 is legible. So I decided to cut the crap and present only the best to my readers. So take it as my word, that I present to you only what works for you and which is real and ethical.

Meet Ravi Kumar G

As I already mentioned, I am the Founder of MoneyWolf and I thank each and every one of my amazing team mates and occassional fuest bloggers for being a part of this. I am in my twenties full of zeal and passion to make a positive impact on others by helping them live a financially free life. I am very passionate about Fitness and run my own blog RKG FIT -Fitness Optimised, where I share all the information about Healthy Living that I learnt over a decade.

I am a CS Graduate and currently working for one of the IT gaints in the world. Remember I mentioned that an average milionaire has 7 streams of income and for me, my corporate job is one of my income streams. As many people think working for someone else won’t make you ┬árich and I say that it’s BS for two reasons.

  • You’ll always be working for someone else. For instance, as a blogger, you’ll be working for your readers, as a freelancer you’ll be working for your client and so on. The job, environment and the rules might be different but the basic principle remains the same. So get out of the false notions and start focusing on the work.
  • All the corporate-life haters feel that it’s a waste of time and energy to work for others and instead work for yourself. I was one of you until I changed my perspective and started looking the brighter side of it. Sure, working on your own start-up business or online store sounds exciting and offers freedom from boss, trust me it’s not for everyone. That’s precisely why so many start-ups fail within the first 2-3 years itself. It takes more commitment and energy to work for it. Also, a full-time job can help you focus on your long-term projects without having to worry about day-to-day financial needs. And yes, I started to believe that a corporate job can help you become rich and financially free, if you know how to work around and manage your time effectively.

My love for myself and my life is the primary motivation behind everything I do. Each one of us has got only one life and it depends on you how large and fulfilling you can make it. And my family is my biggest strength and I owe everything to them. Last but not the least, al my blog readers, without you MoneyWolf wouldn’t exist and prosper and I remain indebted to all of you. You keep me motivated and help me produce awesome free content which will help you in achieving financial goals.

Whether you’re looking to start an online business or increase your income streams or learn more about money, MoneyWolf is here for you and will be there for you. Stick around us, scan through the blog and if you want to be a part of our initiative, you can click on our affiliate links to make purchaes and spread the word about MoneyWolf across social media.

Thank You!

In case you have any questions or want to know about MoneyWolf or me, please don’t hesitate to contact or message. If you’d like to connect with me, please follow through my social media profiles below.

To your Financial Success,

Ravi Kumar G.